FX9A CW/SSB QRP rigg 160-10mtr
Dato:6/6-2017   Annonse nr. 21483

Dette er 2017 modellen av FX9A.
Leveres med mikrofon, DC kabel og stand for bord.
Her er teknisk info:
1. Model: FX-9A
2. Model: LSB / USB / CW (iambic keying mode A and B)
3. Supports manual and automatic key, the machine automatically detect, you can also set the menu
4. Frequency range: 160M / 80M /60M/ 40M / 30M / 20M / 17M / 15M / 12M / 10M 10 amateur bands
5. Output Power: SSB about 15W about 10W CW low power profile around 5W.
6. Receiver sensitivity: about 0.5UV
7. SSB filter bandwidth: 2K

Pris: 3500 fritt levert i Norge (fastlandet)
Registrert av: LA2PIA, Petter Sørensen, petter.sorens@gmail.com Tlf: 45952966,

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